The Land Use, Zoning and Public Policy Section contains a review of the existing conditions of land uses, zoning districts, and public policies within the Baldwin DCCR Primary and Secondary Study Areas. Data was collected and general summaries and analyses were prepared for existing conditions within the Secondary Study Area to provide context for the Baldwin community. The existing conditions of land use, the Town zoning districts, and public policy in the Primary Study Area were analyzed with respect to their relevance to the Baldwin DCCR Study and potential to make overarching conclusions and identify opportunities relating to physical and economic resilience in Baldwin’s downtown and commercial corridors.  


On the LIRR Station Area
“The LIRR station area may potentially offer the greatest opportunities for enhanced resilience and revitalization of the downtown, as the LIRR regularly brings commuters to Baldwin that could be encouraged to stay in the area to shop and dine if the LIRR station surrounding area is improved to be more welcoming. Increased economic activity surrounding the LIRR station area could spread out into the surrounding commercial corridor . . . In addition, [Transit-Oriented Developments] TODs (as development in the vicinity of the LIRR station would be considered) tend to encourage reduced personal vehicle use, which results in fewer carbon emissions, and could help to slow climate change and the extreme weather events that it causes. It is noted that, with respect to redevelopment in the LIRR station area, consideration will need to be given to the presence of Sunrise Highway, which may impede connection of commercial and mixed use areas along Grand Avenue north and south of the highway.”

On Zoning Districts
“… it is noted that Business and Residence A are the predominant Zoning Districts in the Primary Study Area, followed by areas in the Residence C Zoning District, which is found in the southern portion of the Primary Study Area. The existing zoning conditions are relevant to the Baldwin DCCR Study, because the three most common zoning districts in the Primary Study Area do not permit as-of-right multi-family residential uses or mixed-uses, both of which are uses that have been identified as potential redevelopment types by the Baldwin DCCR Study scope. While the Residence C-A and Golden Age Residence Zoning Districts do permit multi-family residences, these zoning districts comprise limited area within the Primary Study Area.”

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